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Professional printing and marketing services

We are a marketing, branding, promotions and print services partner

We position ourselves as one of the best in procurement, management and delivery of end-to-end marketing solutions for businesses.

Lane’s story began in 2017 when we recognized a need within the industry to manage the procurement requirements from small to large corporations in South Africa. From this point onward, we are continuing to grow from strength to strength in our service offering, knowledge base, expansion and supplier network. We offer our clients local market expertise and deliver end-to-end marketing services solutions across South Africa.

Our strategic partnerships and extensive regional and local expertise enable us to deliver best-in-class innovation, significant savings and process efficiencies.

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Client Relations Manager


Account/Procurement Manager

Why Us?

Benefits of Print Management

Typically a print broker is seen as someone who is a middleman between print buyers and suppliers, taking prices from a number of print suppliers for a job or jobs and pushing them out to buyers.

In print management however, the ultimate aim of delivery is efficiency – for both client and printer. Improved process efficiency to ensure highly efficient timing, application of materials, waste reduction, planning, cost and staff utilization, ensures that clients get the best result and the print industry benefits.

Guaranteed cost savings of between 20% and more on print buying activity.

Greater efficiency from the Marketing team, who will be freed up to concentrate on marketing activities (as opposed to managing print issues).

Clear transparency and visibility into all print activity.

Consistency in quality output.

Suppliers enjoy approved supplier list status and increased workflow.

Suppliers are paid timeously for properly delivered goods.

Our End-to-End Service Offerings

We adapt, procure and manage all Print, Graphic Design, Corporate Gifts, Safety Wear, Corporate Apparel for multiple campaigns across brands.

Our center-led model lets us leverage our entire portfolio for a more streamlined, efficient and scalable MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Operations) and tail spends procurement processes. In our Procurement group, coupled with a focus on compliance with pre-determined sourcing strategies, our buyers’ deep category and industry knowledge help ensure accuracy and the most efficient outcomes – another set of expert eyes.

The center-led indirect procurement model allows our buyers to focus on your overall MRO supply chain needs, while on-site can resources provide high-level customer touch points. 



Full Integrations with Supply Chain Operations

LPMS Indirect Procurement expertise starts with our sourcing strategies. We first set up a strategy for your stock items, consumables and break/fix items that are generally inventoried for regular usage.

The MRO procurement process for these items is automated and continually runs against our adaptive demand planning algorithms, to constantly optimize inventory levels.

As a result of our data normalization and taking your inventory requirements into account, LPMS creates a personalized plan to address spend by category, supplier, and manufacturer. LPMS sourcing plans are aligned to support your unique objectives. Your program will include projected savings by category, which sets up a framework for negotiating on your behalf. We’ll also include specific steps to improve the pricing and productivity of existing suppliers within your supply chain.

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